Do It Scared.

Growing up I always felt that when I was scared to try anything that meant I shouldn’t do it or I wasn’t worth having what I wanted to accomplish.

I always correlated fear with not having courage or bravery. I missed out on opportunities (major and minor) because I believed my fear was an indication that it wasn’t meant for me.


Fear is a real emotion. Fear has been engrained in humans for some time now.

I still have my moments of fear, whether I’m expressing myself, tackling a task or grabbing at an opportunity. Fear in some way or another creeps up on me.

Fear is present.

But it’s not real.

Fear is nothing but your mind trying to turn you into your own worst enemy. Fear always presents itself when we’re about to do something brave or necessary.

I had a conversation with my son recently regarding an important conversation he needed to have with someone. It was long overdue. He expressed to me, with no filters, the numerous valid points he wanted to bring up, however, he was nervous about the outcome. Understandable. During that conversation, I witnessed him talking himself out of having this needed conversation. With every valid point he made, fear came in with a reason why he shouldn’t.

I immediately and respectfully put a halt to it. I could tell that he was slightly spiraling.

I said to him: “Jayden. Do it scared.”

He was confused initially but I exclaimed it again.

Do. It. Scared.

I explained to him that although the feelings of anxiety, fear and worry were clearly setting in, didn’t mean that what he needed to do, shouldn’t be done.

Those feelings are indicators that what you are about to tackle is worth it.

I really wish 9 year old me knew that back in 1993.

I read a quote from Susan Jeffers that stated, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Fear, or being scared, is not a warning to stop. It’s a signal for us to move forward. To continue.

How are we ever going to witness and experience what’s on the other side of fear if we keep using it as a limit instead of a catapult?

At some point in our lives we have to say “Fuck It.” and do it. Fear will always be standing beside us with an ancient scroll of false reasons why we shouldn’t do anything in this Life.

Fear will always tell us negative aspects but will never point out the positive.

Fear will always put a limit on our aspirations, successes and goals but will never be a gateway to achieve them.

Fear will always have us believe that we’re not worth it, when in true reality our worth is more precious than gold.

Doing it scared is not the absence of bravery.

Doing it scared is the presence of our faith being stronger than the pull fear has on us.

Doing it scared is releasing all the false ideals we built up within ourselves over time and embracing our full, true authenticity.

Doing it scared is the true definition of courage.

Doing it scared is taking a leap.


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