“If you feel stuck, stop pushing. Resistance freezes. Acceptance flows.”Martha Beck

It can be difficult seeing yourself put forth an insane amount of effort into something and feeling as though your efforts aren’t even recognized.

You’ve “calculated” every step you’ve taken to reach your goals.

You know you deserve what you’re trying to achieve.

You know all the prayers, manifestations, good thoughts and panglossian attitude can’t just go by the wayside.

But yet you’ve hit a wall.

And it doesn’t feel fair.

You wonder why it seems as though everyone around you is either progressing or already at their point of success.

And somehow you’re in the same spot.

Life may feel like it’s passing you by.

It’s not.

You’re in a stagnant position because you need to rest.

I know you feel like you don’t deserve to rest or take a break. You don’t want to be viewed as lazy or unmotivated.

Quite the contrary.

You’ve been working your ass off.

Applying for those jobs.

Writing down your goals.

Strategizing your next money move.

Healing from the hurt and trauma.

Crushing it as a parent.

Providing for your family.

Giving 110% at the job that you don’t always love, enjoy or feel appreciation.

Making time to study for that important exam.

Still feeding your creativity and passions.

And finding time to just be.

You’re not behind.

You have not been forgotten.

You are deserving.

I know you need reassurance, so here you go.

You are where you’re supposed to be.


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