An uncharted journey that begins with a heartbeat. An ethereal sound that only the heavens could gift.

The divine Creator formed me for you.

Formed me to guide you. Protect you. Nurture you. Educate you. Encourage you.

Love you.

The decree that was announced during your formation conjured up a plethora of emotions within me.

Within me I felt unconditional

Within me I felt joy

Within me I felt anxiety

Within me I felt territorial

Within me I felt the universe manifesting

And within you is all of me

What marvelous gift given to me

Given to me when I didn’t even know all of myself yet. Given to me when I didn’t know my power. Given to me when it felt as if the world was against me.

Given to me when I didn’t know how to be grateful.

But yet, the Creator deemed me worthy.

Deemed me worthy to carry life

Deemed me worthy to carry the future

Deemed me worthy to become a Tree of Life

I bear many branches, many fruits and deep roots

I am here to stand tall and strong for you. To bring you shade, peace, rest and knowledge.

I am here to see you

All of you in the glorious light that radiates from you

Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise. -Andy Stanley


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