A Bumpy Road

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” -Winston Churchill

The dictionary’s first definition of success is: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.

The concept of success is vast and versatile. Although there is a standard definition that gives us a baseline to what it is, success comes in various forms.

Let’s dive deeper.

We have a tendency to compare our level or progression of success to society, other people or even what our initial idea of it is. We get an idea, write it down, plan it out and begin to work on it, often getting discouraged because the “success” you want either isn’t showing itself in the capacity you expected or the time frame is moving at a leisurely pace. Regardless, you have already put a limitation on your success.

That is completely understandable. In our minds, we already see the future in what we can accomplish. We already envisioned that idea we’ve been manifesting finally becoming prosperous. We are enlivened with the inevitable feeling of eudaimonia because we know it will come to pass.

However in the midst of our brainstorming, boots on the ground, networking strategies, the moments of doubt seep in. We start to question “how long will this take?” “I started my business before them, how come they’re prospering already?” “My weight loss journey isn’t going as quick as I would’ve hoped.”

All valid feelings.

All limitations.

All suppose to happen.

The story of your success isn’t going to look like everybody else’s. And why would you want it to? We are all deserving of our very own origin story. Your success won’t even look like the picture you envisioned initially. But that’s the beauty of it. There will be times where you will have to tweak your vision.

You will fail. But it won’t be catastrophic.

You will pour yourself into your dream. But you’ll also want to throw in the towel.

You might even throw in the towel a few times.

This is success.

This is what it’s suppose to look like. The grind. The hustle. The tears. The people who act like they are supportive but really only surveying your downfall and not your progression.

This is success.

Success encompasses everything that you experienced on your journey. Little victories, big losses are inevitable. Keep your panglossian spirit as you weave your way through YOUR path. This path that you chose to take in whatever Life endeavor was presented to you. Your vision was put on your heart for a reason. And you won’t truly know the reason until you realize that growth comes from discomfort. Growth comes from pain. Growth comes from disappointments.

The doubts. The naysayers. Your timeline. That’s the only way you will feel true success.

Welcome it all.

Be willing to experience chaos so that you can create order.


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