Star Gazer

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” -Oscar Wilde

This is the true definition of a panglossian. Optimism at its finest. The silver lining shining through in every moment. We all have our gutter moments.

The definition of a gutter is a groove or channel for flowing liquid or a blank space between facing pages on a book.

Blank space.

Have you ever thought about the significance of something that’s blank? Blank canvas, blank pages, blank wall, etc.

Some people would look at a blank space as boring, dull or not much to work with, those are the people in the gutter. But then you have the people who look at the blank space and see beauty, potential…worth. Those are the star-gazers.

It is inevitable that we as humans will be tested and will go through life occurrences that will rock us to our core and knock us down flat on our backs. It’s within those situations where we can literally choose whether we want to look up and gaze at the stars while we strategize how to get out the gutter. Or we can stay knocked down on the ground and bury our heads in the dirt. And I personally don’t want dirt on my face.

I am choosing to exude my panglossian energy. I’ve experienced many hardships that were beyond my control and unfortunately in those times, I got dirt on my face. I chose not to star gaze.

I get it though. It’s difficult to be in the gutter and look up because you’re already down. It’s difficult to see the beauty in a situation that you didn’t see coming. And let’s be honest, not every life occurrence feels beautiful during the hardship.

Sometimes things are ugly. Sometimes things feel claustrophobic. And sometimes you feel like you encountered a nodus that won’t let up.

But don’t fret. Look up. Marvel at a portion of the universe that you are apart of and…

Star gaze.


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