I See You.

Parenting is 50% feeling like your head might explode and 50% feeling like your heart might


I see you.

I really see you.

I see the sacrifices that you’ve made for your child(ren), sometimes with no “thank you Mom/Dad” or “I really appreciate you.” Or something as simple as taking the initiative.

I see you.

And I also know the pain that comes with the frustrations of second guessing our parenting because of either an argument we had with them.

Or them not listening to instructions that were given to them.

Or just their attitude period towards you and the life they live in their home.

I see you.

I understand that pain.

You are literally doing THE best you can with every single card that has been dealt to you. You strategize everyday from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Making sure that not only are you raising your kids to be their best selves but also making sure that they know that they can be their best selves with no hesitation.

I see you.

Becoming a parent is a reward, but it’s also a different level of altruism. Our compassion grows by the second. In addition to our frustrations. We want what’s best for them even at the expense of our happiness going on the back burner because we know we’ll still be happy seeing them happy.

I see you.

I see the hits you’ve taken mentally, spiritually, emotionally and maybe even physically.

I see the nights where you do worry sometimes because you want them to have experiences and enjoy the life around them and you may feel that what you’re doing is not enough.

I see you.

And you are doing more than enough.

This past year has really tested us. We honestly got to know ourselves as parents AND our children again. That in itself is a blessing.

I want you to be proud of the privilege that was bestowed upon you, whether you have little ones, teenagers or even grown children.

I see every sacrifice. I see every thought that you have. I see every moment where you were proud or hurt or had no clue what you were doing.

I see everything you’ve wanted to say but didn’t. I see every silent victory and every loud “fail.”

I see it all.

And I salute every single triumph and tribulation that you’ve endured throughout your parenthood.

I see you.


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