Establish the Circle of Trust

You know how when you decide to purge your home, you have two or three different piles labeled “keep,” “trash,” and “donate?” Every once in a while we feel like our homes begin to collect clutter and we feel claustrophobic. That’s when we decide what is essential to keep and what we need to get rid of.

That concept can be applied to our lives. Especially with various individuals.

We often tend to become hoarders with the people in our lives because we feel like we still need them, whether it’s due to a history we have with them or it feels like they are the only ones that can benefit our lives.

However, in reality, we’ve outgrown many of our relationships. Some have been toxic and they aren’t serving us anymore. And some we have outgrown because we’re on a different level or wavelength. That’s not necessarily a negative thing, but at certain points in our lives we have to surround ourselves with people who can feed into us and help us grow.

We have to establish our circle of trust with the people in our lives. We need to keep the people who have always helped us grow. Cut off the people who are no longer serving our lives, no matter the amount of time we’ve known them. And amicably end the relationships we’ve outgrown due to a difference in energies or circumstances.

It’s time to purge our lives for the new season.

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor-it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.” -Peter Walsh


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