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Authentic communication is getting harder to come by these days. You know the type of communication where an argument, heated debate or someone expressing their feelings isn’t pouring through a text message or messenger apps through social media. Don’t get me wrong, some people are better with their words written then they are orally.

But where do we draw the line?

It’s obvious that I’m a beginner blog writer. I’ve been writing in my journal, on sticky notes, letters, and stories since I can remember. So needless to say, I do communicate my thoughts, feelings and ideas better on paper. My brain, in combination with a pen and a piece of paper work together like a well oiled machine.

However, I do realize that important information needs to be shared face to face so that the other person or persons can hear your tone, see your emotions and observe your body language. Many times words don’t need to be said because your demeanor says it all. I’ve been on both ends of lack of communication. Whether I was the one that didn’t communicate or vice versa. Or in rare cases, both of us were on both ends of the communication spectrum.

Communication is an essential part of how our lives unfold.

We all have this notion in our heads that everyone that loves and cares about us should just know either the turmoil or contentment we are feeling inside. We might have those few people who can instantly feel our vibes or are able to sense the energy that we are carrying with us at that moment but then we have other people who just don’t have the art of picking up on it.

So how do you communicate yourself to those people?


Talk to them.

“Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” (Maggie Kuhn)

See a lot of us, doesn’t matter how much we don’t want to believe it, have courage when the communication is through a text, social media message or a post. We all hide behind the keyboard to an extent. We all find it easier to either stop the messaging or spew hurtful things when our thumbs are helping our brains do the talking.

Humans weren’t created to have meaningful conversations like that or regular conversations for that matter.

Humans were created to utilize our 5 senses in all aspects of life to get the full experience of the moment we are currently in.

We’ve all been brainwashed to an extent to believe that communication through technology is the only way we know what our relationship is like with the person on the other end. Things have been made easy for us to just up and stop communicating without an explanation or reason. Yes we all have the right to cut people off if we feel like they aren’t serving our lives, whether we actually tell them or we just distance ourselves.

But how human is that?

Isn’t it more human to express your feelings, negative or positive, to someone even if it’s in their face.

When did we stop with the human interaction and communication and become the silhouette behind the keyboard.


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