30+ & Thriving

silhouette of girl during evening

I love having insightful conversations with people. Conversations where the vibe is right, everyone is on the same page or even having a healthy debate without insults being thrown.

And a lot of times those conversations happen randomly.

Today my 9 year old had a basketball game and she invited one of her favorite teachers from her school, who just also happens to be my older two kids former elementary school teacher. We sat together and just started chit chatting about work, school life, tattoos and my kids. She’s another 30 something, amazing woman.

The conversation turned towards lessons we’ve learned and when in Life we learned them. We talked about how in our 20’s we have all of our experiences that foreshadow who we become for our 30’s: motherhood, men, career, friendships, family, etc. And in looking back, it’s true. I became a mom in my junior year of college, so although I didn’t have the typical 20 something life experiences, I still had the experiences that prepared me for my 30’s.

When I was in my teens, I used to think 30 was “old” lol. And I dare one of my kids or someone their age to say I am.

But in all seriousness, once I turned 30 I didn’t question as much why I went through everything that was thrown at me. Even though, I’m still learning a lot about myself (and loving it), the experiences I went through in my 20’s definitely showed me what I didn’t want in life and what I deserved. Although I’m still going through some of the same life experiences as in my 20’s (motherhood, men, career, friendships, family, etc.), I have more wisdom, strength, resilience and clarity.

There’s something about reaching your 30’s that turns your whole way of thinking around. You’re less prone to deal with BS and the dreams that you want to achieve and aspire are higher on your priority list. Your spirit begins to shine through and attract the right type of people whose spirits connects with yours.

30 and beyond is when the magic happens. It’s when your true self begins to take shape and it needs to be embraced.

These are the years when you thrive.




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