Peace, be still.

light nature sky sunset

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” -Rumi

I’m over 30. And I’ve been a single mom since the birth of my first child 13 years ago. I have four beautiful children and I’ve never been married. I work a full time job and I’m a full time grad student. Peace is necessary.

I have goals, dreams and aspirations that I’m striving for.

I’ve had my share of ups, downs, sideways, front ways, backwards and diagonal experiences. Some positive. Some negative.

But all lessons.

I’ve had tons of moments of clarity & epiphanies and moments where I was as oblivious as a rock. Moments where I proudly stood up for myself and moments where I cowered into a corner.

Moments or better yet periods of time, where I felt lost and misunderstood and moments where I found myself and was blessed with people who really got me.

Moments where I had to look inside myself for the answer and moments where a word from a friend, family member or a stranger changed my life.

And now here I am. Still over 30. Still a single mom. Still not married. Still working. And still in school.

But better.

Better because those moments of being oblivious taught me to open my eyes to situations that were plaguing me.

A piece of peace was obtained.

Better because the moments where I cowered in the corner, I realized that I didn’t like the feeling of being claustrophobic, so I had no choice but to choose fresh air.

A piece of peace was obtained.

Better because when I felt lost, I had to face whatever demons were leading me astray. Whether it was a relationship, career, finances or me.

A piece of peace was obtained.

Better because situations that were supposed to ruin me, didn’t.

A piece of peace was obtained.

Better because when I had to reflect on some of the things that weren’t going right in my life, I realized that in some cases that it was me causing the issue.

A piece of peace obtained.

Better because even though I’ve been through turmoil, I still have faith in life itself.

A piece of peace obtained.

Obtaining peace isn’t life removing every negative thing that will happen to you but giving you the strength, clarity and peace to still feel joy and have faith during those difficult times.

So the concept of peace and having harmony in all aspects of my life is essential.

Peace is a part of my journey, the long journey into myself.



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