Courage Under Fire

It’s funny how you can become inspired by the smallest thing.

Last week the children in my family (mine, nieces and nephews) put on a talent show for all of the grown ups. It was awesome. There was singing, dancing, and instrument playing. Those kids are talented.

As it was time for my 9 year old to do her piece, she experienced stage fright. Now mind you, she sings and dances at home all the time, even on camera. But of course in front of a crowd and performing solo at that, can be nerve wracking.

She began to cry and exclaimed she wasn’t ready to go on. As her mom, I tried to urge and encourage her to perform but I soon realized that I didn’t want to force her. So I let her sit out for a bit while all the other children performed.

Soon she came to me and said “I’m going to do my parts now.”

“Are you sure?” I asked

“Yes, I’m ready” she exclaimed

And even though she was still nervous and teared up a bit through both of her performances she still nailed it.

And I just had to admire her courage.

She inspired me.

I left my job of 10 years this past week for a better opportunity. An opportunity that I’ve wanted for a long time but took a long time to get.

And on my last day of work I, too, was nervous. I second guessed my decision.

“How will the people be?”

“Am I going to do great?”

“Will the work be too hard?”

But I snapped out of that.

I snapped out of it because I’ve been patient. I’ve worked hard to provide for myself and my family with my previous position. Believe it or not I learned a lot about myself and people in general at my previous job. But it was time to go.

So I gathered my courage (just like my daughter) and took a leap of faith.

And it feels great.


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