Mental Therapy

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So yesterday, I went to see one of my good friends who just happens to do Jade therapy facials. If you’re not familiar with that particular type of facial therapy, it’s a process that detoxes your lymphatic system through your face. While I was in my therapy session, she noticed that my sinus cavities in my face were inflamed which caused inflammation in my sinuses and additional cavities all the time. Not to mention, slight difficulty breathing, unfortunately dark circles and not getting enough oxygen. I didn’t even realize I had all of this going on until she noticed a picture I posted of myself on social media.

While she was doing the treatment, which felt amazing by the way, she began to explain that most of, if not, all of our health comes from our head and face. It made total sense because during the treatment, at one point, my whole body became relaxed and calm. I even got goosebumps.

And then it got me thinking…

Our health comes from our head. Which can also mean, our way of thinking can affect us as well.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed, experience anxiety or even have a headache it can affect every single part of us?

And all of those factors come from our head or mind.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had bouts with anxiety and I either got a stomachache, headache or I just didn’t feel right. Or even when I was stressed to the max, I didn’t want to do anything because my whole body felt the strain and became weak.

Think about it.

A lot of times we can’t function because our mind isn’t right. Medically when we have migraines sometimes we can’t even open our eyes.


Our head and mind are the most powerful organ in our body. So why not take care of them?

Yes we do therapy on our legs, feet, back, arms, etc. but what about our minds?

Getting that Jade therapy facial yesterday not only felt amazing but I was able to receive the oxygen I needed to treat the ailments I was having.

Our minds need oxygen too because sometimes our thoughts are inflamed. Inflamed with lies we believe about ourselves whether we’re thinking them or believe someone who is saying them to us. Stressful situations that are getting the best of us. Anxiety that is literally taking over our bodies.

We need oxygen.

So in addition to giving our bodies physical therapy, let’s give ourselves mental therapy.



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