I have come the to conclusion that I am not a big fan of group projects. The dynamic of various personalities and habits can cause slight anxiety.

Sometimes it’s hard to relinquish control and depend on other people, especially those you’re not personally in tune with.

How are you supposed to trust or work with someone that you don’t know?

Since being in grad school, I’ve had two assignments that were group assignments and every time I immediately rolled my eyes and became very exasperated. I always thought, I have to trust these people and they don’t even know my name?

I don’t trust quickly or easily anyway, so imagine me having to trust individuals that knew nothing about me and me them. It’s difficult.

How am I suppose to deal with all of these different dispositions?

But maybe that’s the lesson.

Maybe that’s the lesson in everything we do.

Not every situation, person or issue that enters our life is going to be the same. Life gives us so many tests and quizzes that are all different, to teach us how to deal with versatility. And along the way, we will have to open up a smidge, to trust.

We can’t control what situations plague us or which individual comes into our life but we can control how we handle and react.

We can only control ourselves.

And when we do face Life with the best positive attitude we can muster up, the universe rewards us.

What are you putting out there?


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