Kid at Heart

depth of field photograph of block toys

Indulging in your inner child is healthy. It’s a common thing for when we become parents, we immediately have to grow up because we have to take care of another life.

Which is how it should be.

But, what if, from time to time, we put our adult selves in a time out?

What if we let our inner child play for a little while?

Because when we become adults, subconsciously, we tell ourselves that it’s a punishment to let the kid inside of us out. We’re so focused on the “business” part of Life. Our minds automatically become trained to think of only aspects of Life that will cause us to dwindle if we don’t constantly have it on our mind to fix and tackle.

I’m guilty of not letting the big kid dwelling inside my soul out. I’ve had times with my kids where they wanted to play and joke around with me but I let Life tell me I was “too old to act like that” or let my mind tell me that I was too tired to play. Now don’t get me wrong, some days I was just overly exhausted but other days I was just being stubborn and selfish.

It’s okay sometimes to be the fun parent. I have to remind myself of that everyday. I will never stray from being a “business parent” but to see the genuine happiness on my kids faces when I decide to let loose a little is priceless.

It’s necessary. The kid that we once were never goes away, we just put them in time out in what seems like forever.

What if we took our big kid out of time out?

What if we remembered what it was like to be care-free?




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