So last week, I caved and decided to buy my son a cell phone. Yes I’m probably the one parent who stalled until the very last second to bring my child into the technological world. (LOL).

Honestly, I just wasn’t ready to let him go in that sense.

I’ll explain.

Obviously, I know what it’s like to experience cell phones, computers, social media, cool apps etc. and I know how addictive they can be. I’m still trying to break my habit of scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest  or even texting my friends and family every 15 minutes.

It’s a process.

But I guess a part of me didn’t want my son to experience that string of technology just yet. I still wanted him to keep some of his innocence. I still wanted him to play with his Legos, draw in his notebook, play his instrument etc. Not saying he’s still not pursuing his hobbies but mom brain is thinking ahead of time.

You see, in this day in age, technology rules everything:


Food delivery service




Job applications

Even couponing

Nothing is really old fashioned or vintage anymore. Or at least it’s not appreciated. And that can be disturbing. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the above mentioned topics I named can come in handy. I know they have for me from time to time, especially communication.

But a huge part of me wasn’t ready for my son to be thrown into that world. I know I can monitor his screen time and content in regards to texting, internet surfing, games and what not but while he is enjoying his screen time, I know I would miss our time.

He’s already gotten sucked into texting his cousins and friends all day.

He’s already downloaded a few games to play in the event of not wanting to socialize.

And he’s already planning a YouTube channel.

I knew this day was going to come.

My son is growing up.

And I didn’t realize a simple gesture in buying him a phone would be a part of the list of milestones he would experience in his life. It just reminds me that parts of his innocence are slowly disappearing, in a natural, positive way, of course.

I guess I’m the one having the growing pains.




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