potted green leaf plants

Has your life been a series of making something out of nothing?

That phrase can be viewed from two different angles: turning something insignificant into something major or turning something negative into something positive.

You see, more often than not we use that phrase for the former angle. We as humans have a tendency to make a big deal out of something that won’t even be a thought or a factor in the future. But for some reason and somehow, we end up making something out of nothing which in turn adds more unnecessary turmoil to an issue or a problem. We have a hard time seeing a problem for what it is and always think: what if. Our minds have a tendency to go off on a tangent. I know. I’ve been there before.

However, through life experiences and growing maturity, I prefer to do the latter angle. I’ve had my share of negative situations or issues where I could’ve easily cowered. Situations where my mind could’ve convinced me that I deserved these issues happening to me. Or situations where I was presented with “nothing” and had to make a way out of the cards I was dealt.

That’s where our true strength lies. How are we going to view the situation?

Life is always going to deal you a sucky hand from time to time.

You’re not always going to be put in the best of situations.

People aren’t always going to do right by you, no matter how good you are to them.

You’ll have moments where you didn’t get the job you wanted and you can either stay disappointed and stop looking for other jobs or you can say “okay that one wasn’t for me” and continue to put yourself out there until you get the one you want and deserve.

You’ll have those moments where you’re stuck in traffic, trying to get home and you begin to complain, and maybe start to exhibit a hint of road rage. Or you can use this as time to enjoy being by yourself in the car, blast your music, and clear your head before you walk in the door to tackle what’s waiting for you at home.

Every situation we find ourselves in contain two different ends of the spectrum. Unfortunately most times we tend to only view the negative one and go from there.

But I believe it is up to us to choose what angle we make our something out of nothing.




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