Top Notch

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Every so often, we need a reminder of how amazing we are either as parents, friends, spouses or just as a person. Sometimes we can fall into the trap of letting people or situations trick us into thinking that we are less than what we truly are.

How come I wasn’t enough?

Why did it have to happen this way?

I did everything I could.

I know I’m a good person.

Well guess what?

You were and are enough. That person or negative situation just didn’t recognize it and it’s their loss.

It happened this way because something better is waiting for you on the horizon.

You did do everything in your power and now it’s time for you to stop and focus back on yourself.

You are a good person and don’t let anyone or anything make you question yourself otherwise.

We all deserve gentle reminders of our positive, amazing traits.

We, as people, a lot of times forget to highlight to ourselves the amazing traits we possess. We are so critical of ourselves, even when we’re trying to do better, that our confidence occasionally gets pushed to wayside. Our self-appreciation takes a back seat. We always want to make sure that everyone else (i.e. family and friends) around us are exuding their own self confidence.

I’m guilty of this.

We don’t become concerned with ourselves anymore. And that can be hazardous in the long run.

So yeah, sometimes we do need that extra push or reminder from someone about how dope we are.

How cool our personality is.

How amazing we handled a situation.

How awesome our parenting is.

It’s okay to have someone motivate you about you.

We all need to get hyped up about ourselves.

Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done-Rudy Francisco


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