As an adult, sometimes it’s hard for us to humble ourselves in situations and admit that we’re wrong. And even when we do admit our faults to ourselves, it’s even harder to verbally express them, especially if another party was involved. We have a tough time evaluating ourselves especially when the finger is being pointed at us.

Especially as a parent.

I regretfully admit that I was that person. Still am to an extent but I am definitely working on it. It’s a process.

Let me just say, don’t take your children clothes shopping with you, if you don’t want to hear their opinion on how you look in clothes. In my case, this past weekend, bathing suit shopping. Something told me NOT to have my younger two kids (ages 9 & 7) tag along but I honestly thought it would be a positive, pleasant and fun experience (I really lied to myself on that one). By the end of our shopping trip I stopped trying on bathing suits and just bought one that I thought might look good. Thankfully, they liked it.

As funny as it is to me now, that wasn’t the humbling experience that struck a chord with me.

You see, my oldest child, upcoming teenager at the end of the summer, has my personality. We take situations and words to heart, more times than we would like, but at the same time we are super compassionate. We have a tendency to take on the thoughts and feelings of our loved ones. Especially, if the relationship is close-knit.

Lately, in the past few weeks, I’ve felt like Atlas. Hopefully we all know who Atlas is. The Greek Titan who Zeus sentenced to hold up the sky or the world for eternity after the 10 year Battle of the Gods or Titan War in which the Olympian Gods won. (Fun fact: I love Greek mythology). But we all know where I’m going with this. The world has felt like it’s been on my shoulders, which in turn can cause frustration.

And unfortunately, I let my frustrations get the best of me. I’m not proud of it, but it happened. And like before, it’s a process.

However, I took a big bite of humble pie while texting with my son earlier today. It’s amazing how kids can get you to think deeper and more about life than a grown up, without even trying half the time.

It’s amazing how in one sentence, sometimes u get a little overboard, my son was able to make me step back for a minute and think about how my frustrations can affect him and his sisters.

My heart broke a little.

I do realize that I get frustrated. Being a parent ain’t easy. It’s a known fact. But that’s still no excuse to allow my frustrations to interfere, the way they did, with my home life.

I, then, went on to explain to my son that I agree with him and I just want what’s best for him and his sisters and I just want them to be good people. Sometimes I do over do it. And I’ll always be that mom that will lecture them about life and what to expect and to be confident and to be good people. But at that moment I had to humble myself. In that moment, I felt that it was important for my son to know and feel that: Mom heard him. Mom was listening to how he’s been feeling lately. Mom understands that him and his sisters go through tough times as well. He needed to know that Mom can look at herself, from time to time, and admit she was wrong about a topic or issue. He needed to know that his thoughts, feelings and frustrations were warranted at this particular time.

He needed to see humility.

I had to humble myself.



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