Left. Right.


Taking a step back in the middle of your chaos is not only healthy, but necessary.

How many times have we had chaotic situations, good or bad, but in the midst of it had to remove ourselves for sanity sustaining purposes?

*raises hand*

It’s absolutely necessary. Please don’t feel guilty about it.

I don’t know how many birthday parties for my kids, that I’ve thrown where I said to myself, “I need to take five minutes” and I put myself in a time out in an abandoned corner to regain some energy.

I don’t know how many tough situations I’ve dealt with where I’ve had to say “I need to remove myself from this,” just so I wouldn’t lose my mind.

I’m not saying don’t go back to those particular situations and try to resolve them, but your brain needs a break at times. Your brain needs a break from overworking itself; a break from thinking, worrying, planning and processing. It needs to reboot and refresh, so our thoughts can become organized and we can begin to close out some of the tabs that are open.

Too many open tabs can slow things down.

Our brain works the same way. I know a lot of times we can’t help it because there are so many tasks and responsibilities that need to be taken care of and it feels as though, there is so little time to accomplish everything. Our brains jump from thought to thought with no rest in between and then it ends up exhausted. Our thoughts become unclear and confusing, so therefore it begins to show in our everyday life.

I’ve already scooted my chair back from my desk in minimal fury and swiveled around to face the wall twice for about five minutes, so I could just take deep breaths. So I could focus on nothing for a brief moment. So my brain could actually minimize or close some of the open tabs to ensure that the rest of my day goes smoothly.

Our brain is the center of all functions throughout our body. It governs and interprets information as well as intelligence, creativity, emotion and memory. In addition, it receives information from our five senses to assist in interpreting, how we feel, what we’re smelling, what we see, understanding, problem solving, behavior, etc.

So why do we not take care of it like we should?

How come we don’t give our brains moments of reprieve?

The central point in our body, which has additional significant functions within it, is getting the least amount of rest and much needed attention. One of the most important organs in our body, probably THE  most important, gets ignored.

Focus on nothing for a change.

post image from: https://www.artranked.com/topic/Right+Brain




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