Les Enfants

Being a single mom, at times I get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle. During some of those moments, I regretfully admit, that I do at times forget that my children deal with their own anxieties and stress. As well as, their own everyday hustle and bustle.

Granted their stresses aren’t the same as their parents and/or guardians, but they still go through their own type.

I was reminded of that today while having a conversation with my son regarding school and his interim report card. The conversation wasn’t exactly pleasant and believe me, I still put my foot down. But after speaking with him and doing some reflecting, I began to ponder on some of the obstacles him and my daughters might face on a daily basis.

I know they’re probably stressing over school, assignments, tests, friendships and activities. Especially my older two, seeing as how they are both pre-teens (my son turning 13 in September) and this can be a tough and confusing time in their life a.k.a puberty. Friends, the opposite sex (please no) and changes within them are flooding their minds.

I know with my son being the eldest, he’s probably wondering if he’s setting a good example as the older sibling.

And on top of that, being children that have to go between two homes every week, I know they’re exhausted and mentally drained. I can only imagine how difficult it is for my children to have to experience all the back and forth.

Kids are resilient, they can have their anxieties just like us. They can worry, experience frustrations, wonder about their future, stress about the present and then not know how to express everything they are feeling.

Although, I do get caught up in my own stress and anxieties, I try to do my best, as often as I can, to have family discussions about what’s happening in their lives, their emotions and anything they might be experiencing that’s confusing or frustrating to them. I might actually get on their nerves when one question I ask, turns into an hour long conversation. I can’t help it, I can be a talker.

So let’s use our parenting privilege to guide our blessings as best as we can.

Let’s remind our kids that they are immensely loved and their stresses are understood.

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”-Dr. Seuss


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