Clear The Crap

above atmosphere clouds flight

Keeping emotions suppressed until they can no longer stay down can eventually burst open like a shaken soda. And unfortunately, sometimes you don’t know how much emotion you’ve kept bottled up until you get triggered.

I had a conversation with my mom today in regards to some disappointing news I received and in continuing with the conversation, I ended up expressing so many additional frustrations & fears I had, that I honestly didn’t realize I had.

It was crazy to hear some of the fears and frustrations I divulged to my mom. I, honestly, couldn’t stop talking. I really don’t think I let my mom get a good word in until I was completely released of everything that was on my heart & mind. Thank God for her patience :). But after I confessed everything, she gave the usual mom speech “Everything will be fine,” “something better is out there for you,” “I see how hard you’re trying,” and “I understand, it’s okay.”

But what really stuck with me was when she exclaimed “Okay this is what you need to do. Clear the crap. Get it all out and know that this isn’t it for you”

Clear. The. Crap.

How often do we vent about our fears, frustrations, anxieties and madness but still hold on to them?

How come when we vent, we’re not truly releasing those negative vibes but instead, in a way, inviting them back?

I’m honestly tired of doing that.

Don’t mistake me, it will definitely be a process to change my mindset to release my negative vibes and not try to catch them with a net again. It won’t happen overnight. But I, we, have got to start somewhere.

Bottled emotions are literally toxic to your very beautiful being. They don’t belong anywhere near your aura.

Those fears, frustrations, anxieties and madness will continue to weigh us down if we don’t fully release them back into the wild where they belong.

By all means, cry, vent, scream, yell, spit some obscenities (within reason), punch something (preferably something soft and not a living being), everything that makes you feel better when you’re frustrated, because I know I will again, but keep that shit out of your way where it belongs. Don’t go and pick them back up.

Make your mental path new and positive again.

Clear the crap.


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